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Next Thursday we can celebrate , or UNIX time reaching 3*2^29. 2^29 is about 17 years.

$ date --date=@"$((2#01100000000000000000000000000000))"
Thu Jan 14 08:25:36 UTC 2021

Here is a countdown website:

@schratze Improved version.
Couldn't find the font (probably custom-drawn) so I went for silly instead.

"Guten Tag, würden Sie ein IP-Paket für Ihren Nachbarn, die annehmen?"

network namespaces are a linux kernel feature that allows you to have multiple L1 network domains (separate network interfaces, routing tables, L2 forwarding tables, etc into their own separate "independent" network stacks)

It's fascinating how a #Rust edition can change so much more than just reserve a few more keywords — all while keeping crates that use different editions compatible.

Some recent examples:

• the prelude can be changed
• editions can change whether certain impls/methods are considered during method resolution
• built-in macros can change
• pretty much anything about closures and captures can be changed
• pattern matching can similarly be changed arbitrarily
• deprecated surface syntax can be removed

Fun @matrix experiment of the day: if you wipe most of your history by setting a retention of 3 minutes instead of 3 months by mistake (which will delete every message older than 3 minutes on your instance), and grow back that limit to 1 year, your instance will self-heal by retrieving the federated events from other instances.

Of course, this only works for federated events (i.e. not rooms with only members from your instance) and if at least another instance still has the events.

Humble Bundle constantly redefining "Humble" 

RT @stefan_hessel
🔥Ärger wegen #Produktwarnung? Die #Datenschutz-aufsicht Rheinland-Pfalz hat ihr Papier "Zehn Gründe, warum Schulen US-Videokonferenzsysteme und andere US-Software-Produkte nicht verwenden sollten" jetzt als Verschlusssache eingestuft: #TeamDatenschutz

pol, pooppost 

Arachnophobia, insect with a lot of long legs 

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