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Your average Republican thinks marrying a transgender person is the worst thing their child could do. Your average Democrat thinks it's only the second worst thing they could do (behind only marrying a Republican).

Die Argumentation "der Gehweg ist eh im Arsch und die Leute gehen auf der Straße, kann man also auch drauf parken" ist auch Gold.

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2 Personen, die 3 Autos besitzen, diese trotz vorhandener Stellplätze im Hof auf dem Gehweg parken und sich dann auch noch über Knöllchen beschweren?!



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Some people mentioned that the @swisspost@twitter.com voting system had been used in previous Swiss elections. Is that true, and are there published audit logs?

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"Vielmehr hätten sie lediglich ihren Namen hergegeben. Dies bestätigten mehrere mit den Vorgängen betraute Personen. Im Gegenzug soll den von der AfD als Spender aufgeführten Personen Geld geboten worden sein. " twitter.com/tagesschau/status/

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My PhD advisor told me to put a ten dollar bill between the pages of my thesis in the university library.

"So I can check to see if anyone read it?", I asked.

"No, of course no one will read it," he replied, "but when you come back into town you'll always have money for lunch." twitter.com/NoahHaber/status/1

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It's like a beautiful red flag fractal where the closer you look at any particular red flag the more you find red flags.

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So to summarize this long tweet thread: *no* it is not the case (apparently) that this code is trivially broken. *no*, that does not make it safe to use in real elections, nor (as far as I know) has it been audited by anyone competent enough to really bless it. 16/

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All of this is a long-winded way of saying that, no, a bug bounty is NOT the right tool to evaluate something so complex and fragile. PARTICULARLY when, thanks to enterprise Java, huge portions of the critical code look like this: 15/

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So I’m a little torn. Yesterday for fun (yes, I have bad work-life balance) I took a look at some of the @swisspost@twitter.com e-voting code that the agency recently provided under bug bounty. Apparently it’s being used in real elections. 1/

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Irenes' work taught me basically everything I know about plurality. Super happy to see this document externalized — it's well worth a read! twitter.com/ireneista/status/1

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Anyway, if this was an actual review, instead of me being having a perverted sense of a relaxing Sunday, then I would probably be prioritizing packages and writing a diplomatically worded email to the team about time constraints.

Thankfully that is not my job this time.

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I've just spent an hour of my precious life trying to determine the encryption parameters used in the above proofs and I still have no clue, every example config/parameter that relates to it seems to be no where close to sensible or secure - which is a big flag by itself.

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So, I took a look at swiss online voting system code that someone leaked, and having written, deployed and audited large enterprise java code...that thing triggers every flag.

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During WW2 the RAF flew missions solely for the purpose of generating training data:

Jetzt wurde mal wissenschaftlich untersucht, wie und von wem de-listing von Links bei Google und Co. tatsächlich genutzt wird: arxiv.org/abs/1902.05796

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Professor Hoeren hat eine neue, aktualisierte Fassung seines beliebten (und kostenlosen) Skripts "Internetrecht" veröffentlich - anders gesagt, 680 Seiten Internetrecht für 0 Euro: itm.nrw/wp-content/uploads/Skr

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This post by @cocteau@twitter.com is the best non-expert explanation of differential privacy that I've seen to date: accuracyandprivacy.substack.co

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Not only does the Bluetooth spec have details for a 'gender' field, but it also fails to define what values 226-255 represent. Tell us about the secret genders, Bluetooth committee! The people need to know!

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