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One more reason why we love this game. What's your favorite moment?

Must be this machine learning misclassification that everyone keeps talking about.

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„Warum hast du das BILD Interview direkt abgelehnt? So schlimm sind die doch garnicht?“
BILD so: „Hold my Thüringer!“

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1969: Margaret Hamilton alongside the code that got us to the moon
2019: Katie Bouman alongside the data that got us to the black hole

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Her name is Katie Bouman, an MIT graduate.

3 years ago she led the creation of a new algorithm to produce the first-ever image of a black hole we are seeing today.

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There's a brief write-up at @PhysicsWorld@twitter.com here: physicsworld.com/a/first-image with more images. Here's the image seen (left) compared with a simulation (middle) and the simulation blurred to the expected resolution of the telescope (right). (Image via Akiyama et al & ApJL)

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How was this image created? A giant global network of radio/millimeter-wave telescopes joined together to create a virtual PLANET-SIZED telescope. The image is patched together from the data from all of these. (image: Akiyama et al and ApJL)

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First ever direct image of a black hole! The supermassive black hole in the galaxy M87 -- 6.5 billion times as massive as the Sun! The image is better than I expected!

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»Alexa, was ist auf meiner Einkaufsliste?« »Okay Google, was ist auf meiner Einkaufsliste?« »Alexa, was ist...?«

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I think right around this minute is just about exactly 5 years since the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL became public. I remember the day vividly, and if you're interested, allow me to tell you about how the day, and the subsequent months, and years unfolded ...

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Warum fehlen die Fälle von Polizeigewalt in der Polizeilichen Kriminalstatistik? Gewalt gegen Polizeibeamte wird dagegen aufgeführt. Seehofer wundert sich. BKA-Chef Münch sagt, die Zahlen wären "äußerst gering" und dies wäre kein "größeres Phänomen"... Na dann!

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Während das Innenministerium laut darüber nachdenkt, das Darknet zu verbieten, verpassen wir allen Accounts eigene .onion-Adressen und machen unser komplettes Angebot ab sofort über Tor erreichbar!


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Researchers successfully trick @Tesla@twitter.com autopilot into driving into opposing traffic via “small stickers as interference patches on the ground” (ht @ryanaraine@twitter.com @keen_lab@twitter.com)


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PoC||GTFO 0x19 is out!
It's a PDF, a ZIP, and an HTML page:
If you drop it on itself in a browser,
it can give you a PDF viewer, a video
and a PNG explaining the whole file structure.
All these files have the same MD5.

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ist die richtige Antwort auf die -Abstimmung. Warum ihr aber zur Europawahl nicht die Piratenpartei wählen sollt, erkläre ich in diesem Video (Ausführliche Version: youtu.be/q2qS56P-7kA)

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