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What's your definition (size, people, date, ...) of family-events in chaos context ()? And what parts are irrelevant for the family-like character of an event?

All that give me the chance to meet people I know without being so big that it feels impersonal. For me gpn is still a family event and camp probably as well. The date imho isn't really important to decide if it's a family event or not. But of course it's a different kind of intimacy if I'm on a Regio we or on gpn

@sandzwerg thx for sharing your thoughts! if i get you right it would still be a family event if only a part of "the family" is there (reasons e.g. limited amount of tickets, new participants, ..), as long as the proportion is right?

Well I think there is no single event were all of the family are. But of course I'd prefer if all/most of the family who wants to attend had the chance to do so

@sandzwerg no doubts, but that's not really an answer to my question. ;-)

Yes I'd consider all events with an high enough (whatever that means) percentage of family as family events

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