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so uhh am i the only one who thinks ip addr is much better than ifconfig and ip route is much better than route

- the output that also works as command arguments and mostly makes sense alone
- you can do and undo just by replacing add with del
- arguments mostly aren't positional

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RT I thought you might like this visualization of the terms and conditions of the different apps #vk18

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Was wünscht ihr euch noch in einer solchen Liste:
einzelne Blogartikel, Praxistipps?
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bringing you the fast fiber internet, it is: the Ditch Witch

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Ein Dialog am Markt in Wien:

Standler: Griaß eana!
Kundschaft: Habe d'Ehere
Standler: Wos derfsn heit sei?
Kundschaft: A paar schäne Äpfen, an guadn kilo, bittscheh!
Standler: Gean, sunst no was?
Kundschaft: I hob gorka gseng. Hobts es Ananas ah?
Standler: Hamma eh ah!
Kundschaft: Ah eh?
Standler: Viertl kilo? Oder glei an hoibn?
Kundschaft: Gems ma glei de meran!
Stadler: Außadem?
Kundschaft: Is ois.
Standler: Ois.

Frage ans Publikum: Was wurde gekauft? ;-) #Wienerisch

PSA: I'm going to move this instance to a new server, expect downtimes in the next few days!

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Wow, I totally missed this. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) studied and analysed three SSL libraries (#LibreSSL, NSS and Botan).

While the BSI gave their feedback back to Botan (they fund the project), it seems they never approached LibreSSL and NSS.

Good to see that my tax money is invested into making Open Source better, however, I would expect that they treat all projects equally. (in German)

I'm currently looking for a new server to host 1+ CPUs, 2GB RAM, 100GB Storage. Any recommendations?

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Übrigens: Uns gefällt es hier, und wir haben uns vorgenommen, dass ihr hier bald genausoviel von uns zu lesen bekommt wie die Leute, die immer noch auf der komischen Vogelwebsite rumhängen. Oder mehr.

Für sachdienliche Hinweise, wie mehrere Leute beide Plattformen gleichzeitig bespielen können, wären wir dankbar. /c

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Hi! Ich tweete den Feed von – Für Chaoseventinfos einfach hier entlang.

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That happens if your software doesn't have a secure by default setting:

1.3TBps DDoS as seen by Akamai.

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Just registered for the #GPN 2018. If you want to attend a small, very well organized hacker event in southern Germany you should give the GPN a try.

You will get the usual amount of talks, a decent atmosphere, a lounge and 3 days for intensive coding.

May 10-13 2018.

I collected login attempts on two honeypots for a week. Here are the results:

(in case you need some default or often used credentials)

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