Today I was remembered about an important rule: If you don‘t give yourself a break, your body will take it for you.

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Wegen der Beteiligung an friedlichen Klimaprotesten wird ein Mitglied des Kölner Chaos Computer Clubs ohne Anklage in Bayern im Gefängnis festgehalten.


Ich könnte auch mal wieder so nen halbes Jahr Arbeitslosigkeit gebrauchen.

information security 

information security is hard to measure. I think this is a major reason why large part of the security industry seem to produce nothing of value and apparently useless companies make the top profits. Are you aware of any other technical industries that prefer useless bullshit over actual working solutions in a similar way? What do you think are the reasons for that?

meta, mastodon 

I hope mastodon remains a niche. The reason why the mood here is so much more respectful, is probably because it's not interesting for advertisers and political trolls.

Is there a configuration setting in any current browser to
1. Allow a specific CA only authenticate a given set of domains
2. Allow a given set of domains only be authenticated by a specific CA

The firefox profiler is such an amazing tool. I recently discovered performance problems with firefox and hedgedoc (again). With the profiler I can easily get a flamegraph of the processes and spot that the renderer spents most time in viaduct_log_error (again). I wish all complex software had build in profiling.

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With Fedora 37, podman has learn a new trick, running containers as microVMs!

Giving it a try is as simple as installing the crun-krun package:

# sudo dnf install -y crun-krun

And then adding "--runtime=/usr/bin/krun" to your regular "podman run" command, like:

# podman run --runtime=/usr/bin/krun -ti --rm busybox

You should be greeted by a shell on a completely different kernel! 😄

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I am dead, I can’t believe this AI intro text I just got. If you thumb through it, there are all the usual suspects like breadth-first search and probability.

Then you open the first chapter and it goes HARD on the current state of things.

Then it’s back to mathematical notation like nothing happened.

hello, twitter refugees. Expect a lot less social filter and a lot more personal views here.

Mein "gesunder Schlafrythmus" ist nicht kompatibel /o\

and surprisingly many of them think they contribute something valuable to society.

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Web developers are like cops. There might be some good people under them but they predominantly work to make our lives miserable.

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Ich habe den Fehler gemacht mal wieder Arch Linux zu benutzen. Es hat zwei `pacman -Syu` gehalten bis das erste Tool, was ich verwenden wollte, kaputte dependencies hatte.

suche: hackerspace mit aufräum - und putzwilliger Besatzung
biete: engargierte mitarbeit. mache echt alles, sogar Kassenwart.

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