Is there a git server were I can restrict the access of SSH keys on a specific repo or a specific set of repos?

In general I never want one maschiene being able to push/pull on all my repos.

Ich finde ja fest zugesagte Termine kurzfristig absagen ist eines der Größten Arschlochmoves, die man als Mensch so machen kann.
Unabhängig davon Ob kaffeetrinken oder Arbeitstreffen geplant waren.

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Honestly, after reading it, I think it's time to ditch the x86 instruction set.

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I really like the new @qrs rides Deutsche Bahn series. Hoping for another season, soon.

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1980s Metalhead Kids Are Alright: Scientific Study Shows That They Became Well-Adjusted Adults

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Selling Lenovo Thinkpad T470 

"Test der strukturellen Gebäudeintegrität", interaktive Installation, lounge, 2019

Ich: besser mal mit leichtem Gepäck reisen.
auch ich: besser mal die lötstation mitnehmen, man weiß ja nie

I strongly disagree with most people's opinion, the fediverse is less toxic than twitter.
# of accounts I've muted in 10 years of twitter: 1
just this year on mastodon: 3

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x86 is like global warming. we should have done something against it 20 years ago, but if we don't fight it now with everything we have, our future will be doomed.

Können wir uns bitte mal darauf einigen, dass nach dem Satz "Studien zeigen, [...]" das entsprechende Paper verlinkt wird? Ich habe keinen Bock die Arbeit des Journalisten zu machen und jedes mal der scheiße hinterher zu recherchieren.

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@crunchy My very favourite part about this is "you will need: hi-vis jacket"

People need to understand just how powerful a tool that is.

They're the most ironic piece of clothing ever created. They're intended to make you more visible, but in practice, they render you *invisible.*

£3 from any DIY shop can get you the one disguise that will cause people to overlook ANYTHING you do in public. Picking a lock in regular clothes? You're a thief. Picking a lock in a hi-vis? You're a locksmith, obviously.

The stratified, hierarchial, pro-gentrification society turned the hi-vis into a uniform of the working class, a signifier that says "I am little and do not matter."

So this is exactly what they deserve to get for doing so.
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Meh at #opensource projects using non-open tools for communication.

Wiped phone: new signal keys, old xmpp and threema keys

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